Q: We're interested in coming to the area...can you help us plan our group vacation?

A: Yes, we can certainly help you with this.  Depending on what you are looking for, we can arrange to have a consulation by phone/Skype/Facetime to better define what you are looking for.  From there, we can propose mutliple ideas and itineraries.  With minimum stays of three nights, there is no charge for this service.   Less than this, there is a nominal fee of 100€ which includes all itinerary planning, restaurant reservations and arranging other sightseeing needs. 

Q: Can the château be privatized? 

A:  Yes, it can be privatized for special events over a day or however long your event may be planned.  It can also be privatized for group vacations where you may look to stay longer.  There are sleeping accommodations for up 10 people and we can accommodate up to 50 people for private receptions with indoor seating.  Larger group sizes are possible outdoors with the rental of a marquee.  The private chef services of Château Ladausse are available.  Please inquire.

Q: What skill level do I need to join your cooking or wine lessons?

A:  All skill levels are welcome.  Both Eric and Diane are adept at tailoring their programs to fit everyone's needs without it becoming redundant and boring for the experienced ones or becoming overwhelming for the novices.  We would be happy to provide more information about any specific course you may be interested in to confirm it suits you.

Q: What happens if I register for one of your week-end get-away packages or week-long packages but it doesn't suit me, or I simply don't like it?

A:  With more than 6 years of experience giving lessons to groups that are formed with people coming from all walks of life and from the four corners of the world,  we are happy to  say that this has never happened!  People who come together with a base interest of food and wine all seem to get along well, if not enjoy the chance to meet other world travelers.  However, if you are not satisfied with the group or the venue/organization, we will do our utmost to address any issues on the spot or to find alternative activities for you to enjoy during your stay.  Failing this, we apologize that we cannot offer any refunds because we will have reserved the space for you. 

We are available during the planning stages of your trip to discuss what you can expect.  We suggest to take more time to confirm it will be a good fit before you reserve because we would be equally disappointed if one of our guests did not have an extraordinary visit.

Q:  What amenities do you have available for your guests?

A:  Beds & Linens:  We have selected high quality mattresses and box springs, and goose down pillows...all with the goal of providing the best night's sleep possible.  (I've always been an advocate for the importance of rest and quality sleep!)   After that, we have linens that are 100% satin or percale.

Living Room:  The living room is available for your use and it includes a television (with CNN, BBC and a few other English-based channels), and a library loaded with books that you are free to borrow during your stay.

Pool:  The 9 x 5 m (30 x 16 ft) pool is located at the south end of property, assuring that both the pool and the house has full tranquility & privacy. There is a changing room in one of the towers located next to the pool.

Air Conditioning:   The thick walls that were used to construct housing centuries ago offers great protection against the heat of summer, as do the use of wood shutters that are so typical of French architecture.  Château Ladausse is no exception, having been built with thick walls and with its blue shutters...consequently, it does not have air conditioning.

Q:  What on-site activities do you offer?

A:  Cooking lessons & wine tastings (private or open-enrollment);
Yoga classes  (25€/person for 1,5 hour session);
Massages (60€ for a 1 hour 15 minute session);
Reading and relaxing at the pool...

Q:  Why should we come to your part of the world?

A:  To discover the charms of the French countryside.  It is a unique experience, great for the spirit and for the soul - full of peace, tranquility, fresh air, historically charming bastide villages, and great food and wine.  We are happy to share this beautiful part of France with those looking for a break from the hectic pace of daily life.  Some may consider it a trek to get here, but would also say it is well worth it!