where to find us:


how to get here:

by Train (within France)

Paris (Gare Montparnasse) to Agen - TGV (high speed train); This takes about 4 hours 15 minutes.  It goes through Bordeaux before arriving in Agen.

Paris (Gare d'Austerlitz) to Cahors - National train (not high speed) that takes about 5.5 hours but rates are typically lower than Paris to Agen.

Bordeaux to Agen - a 1 hour train ride. 

Toulouse to Agen - a 1 hour train ride. 


From Agen to Château Ladausse - it is a 45 minute drive north.  

From Cahors to Château Ladausse - it is about a 60 minute ride heading west to Ladausse.

Pick-up services from either Agen or Cahors train stations to Château Ladausse - can be arranged.  Please request rates.

Car rentals at Agen or Cahors - are easily found across the street from either train station.  

by Plane (within Europe)

From UK to Bergerac

  • Airline FLYBE departs from

Glasgow Intl.
Leeds Bradford


  • Airline RYANAIR departs from London-Stansted.
  • Airline JET2 departs from Leeds/Bradford or Manchester.

From Brussels Charleroi Airport to Bergerac: 
1.5 hour flight with Airline RYANAIR;

From Rotterdam Airport to Bergerac: 
Arrives in Bergerac with Airline TRANSAVIA.

From Paris (Orly Airport) to Bergerac: 
1 hour flight with Airline TWINJET

From Paris (Orly Airport) to Perigieux: 
1 hour flight with Airline TWINJET

After Arriving in Bergerac or Perigeux:

From Bergerac to Château Ladausse - it is a 40 minute drive south to the property. 

Pick-up services from either Bergerac Airport to Château Ladausse - can be arranged.  Please request rates.

Car rentals at Bergerac Airport - Not available on site.  Requires a short cab ride to car rental facility.

From Perigieux to Château Ladausse - it is a 1.5 hour drive via Bergerac, south bound to the property.

by Car

From Paris - It is a 6.5-7 hour drive (depending on traffic in Paris).  Highway is mostly free, going due south, direction Limoges, Brive-La-Gaillard-Cahors and Monflanquin.

From Brussels - Add 3 hours to estimate from Paris. 

From Amsterdam - Add 6 hours to estimate from Paris.

From Bordeaux or Toulouse - each is a two-hour drive (approximately) as we are mid-point between both cities. 

From Barcelona - It is approximately 5 hours. 

From Nice - It is approximately 8 hours.

From Lyon - It is approximately 4 hours.

International Arrivals

Coming from abroad to Europe, you will likely land in a major international airport (Paris, London, Brussels, Barcelona, Frankfort, Amsterdam, etc).   From there, please see options above for getting here by train, plane or car.  For connecting flights, the closest airports to Château Ladausse are Bergerac and Agen with more limited carriers and flight options.  Be aware that connecting flights may require transfers to "shuttle airports" for arrival at Bergerac or Agen. 

The closest international airports to Château Ladausse are Toulouse and Bordeaux

  • One very interesting itinerary if you are coming from North America is to fly directly into Toulouse or Bordeaux via Montreal on Canadian airline AIR TRANSAT
  • With our pick-up services available, this makes for the easiest arrival option to Château Ladausse where you will be at the property about 2.5-3 hours after landing (including baggage claim & customs clearance time).

If arriving in Paris before your trip to Château Ladausse, our experience is that the most convenient way to travel is by TGV high speed train from Gare Montparnasse station to Agen.  This is the line Paris-Bordeaux-Agen-Toulouse.  It takes 4 hours 15 minutes from Paris to Agen.  You can also take the train from Paris to Cahors, Libourne and Bergerac, but these take more time although it might be less expensive.  There are car rental facilities at any of these stations, or our pick-up services are available upon request. 

TRANSPORTATION FROM TOULOUSE OR BORDEAUX AIRPORTS TO CHATEAU LADAUSSE:  We offer transportation services to pick you up or drop you off at these airports.  Please contact us for rates.