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Wine Tasting Atelier

Wine Tasting Program on:
Sunday June 14th (6:30pm - 8:30pm)
"Discover the Reds of Bordeaux vs. Cahors

Program details:

  Taste 4 reds
  Learn the approach to tasting wines
  Develop your wine memory
  Understand grape varieties & the "terroir"
  Enjoy food to complement the wine.

Your Host/Program Leader:  Eric Anthonissen

Food Pairing (copious enough to be a dinner):
  Charcuterie, fromage, baguettes
  Pizza with duck confit (or without for vegetarians)
  Tabouli salade with mixed vegetables
  Dessert du jour

Price:  40€ per person (includes food + wine + lesson);  special offer last minute addition to schedule.

By reservations only.  RSVP by 11am June 14th.